Monday, 4th December 2023

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Global Strategy Flowchart (Public Version):

Mars Foundation Strategy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mars Homestead Project is to design, fund, build and operate the first permanent settlement on Mars.

The initial goal for the Mars Homestead Project is to identify the core technologies needed for an economical, growing Mars Base built primarily with local materials. Efforts will then be focused on prototype projects of increasing sophistication. These could include the selection of existing equipment which could be used on Mars, or the construction of prototypes of new equipment. These steps will lead the Mars Foundation to the establishment of an entire simulated Mars settlement at a location here on Earth, which will serve as a research and outreach center.

The initial programming feasibility study has been conducted by a small Program Team, whose members have professional or academic experience in applicable engineering areas. Areas of expertise include: Materials, Structures, Mechanical Systems, Architecture, Agriculture, Nutrition, Process/PSSS, Electrical Systems, I&C, Data/Telecom, EHS, IE, Mars Geology/Topography, Space Transportation, Spacesuits, Systems Integration, and many others.

The Mars Foundation has also established a small board of technical advisors  who provide expertise in specific areas, and created a general "brainstorming" discussion group which is open to the interested public, regardless of their technical experience.

Some locally derived materials have been examined for initial settlement construction. These materials include locally produced fiberglass - wound on site, metals, masonry - either for un-pressurized shelter or covered with regolith to hold the pressure, polyethylene & other polymers made from ethylene from the CO2 atmosphere, and any plant products - especially if a byproduct of food growth. The MHP team continues to evaluate these options as well as a number of potential alternatives.