The last time you took that inter-planetary vacation, was it just the same old soy and duckweed, day in and day out? Did you sneak spinach and peanut cookies when no one was looking? Now is the opportunity to share those secret Martian recipes with the landlubbers back on Earth!

The Mars Homestead Project is collecting recipes to compile a Mars Cookbook. Recipes should take very little preparation time (some exceptions for special-occasion dishes), have little waste, and incorporate food and cooking techniques that could be readily available on Mars. (Methane-broiled catfish anyone?)

We are looking for any kind of recipe, whether the usual Martian Grilled Soy Cheese Sandwich or the Olympus Mons Surprise. We're also interested in Kosher foods and low-gravity recipes. Themed foods are great for Halloween, First Landing Day, or Christmas.

Recipes can be submitted with the form below or via e-mail to Recipes at MarsHome dot org. All contributors will receive a discount coupon for purchasing the cookbook when it is published next year. And remember, have fun and keep it tasty!


Cookbook is pending possible publication, but if you have any recipe you still want to submit, send it to the email above. Thank you for your support!