Thursday, 7th December 2023

Discussion Groups

Overview of Mars Foundation Mailing Lists

Public Discussion Groups

Project Announcements Mailing List [Subscribe]
Moderated (no posting). Join our project announcements list to be kept up to date on the latest exciting developments related to our Mars settlement effort. You can join this group either by using the "Join Mailing List" feature on the left, or by clicking "subscribe" above. [low-traffic]

Brainstorming / General Discussion Group [Subscribe]
Join our "brainstorming" internet-based group to identify the key technologies needed for building the first Mars base from local materials. We also discuss habitat layout, furnishings, food preparation, clothing, and everything else that will be needed. Note this is a technology - oriented list, not for discussion of civ-culture issues. [high-traffic]

Mars Civilization Discussion Group [Subscribe]
Join our internet-based discussion of civilization, culture, government and related issues. Note technology issues should be addressed to the Brainstroming / General Discuss list rather than this list. [medium-traffic]

New England Area Mailing List [Subscribe]
Moderated (no posting). This list provides announcements of upcoming meetings and events in the New England area, primarily in Boston, MA. [medium]

Florida Mailing List [Subscribe]
Moderated (no posting). This list provides announcements of upcoming meetings and events in and around the state of Florida. [low traffic]

Internal Discussion Groups

Program Study Team
If you have relevant professional experience and interest, consider joining the Program Study Team which is working on the initial unified plan for Mars settlement. We welcome interested professionals with experience in various engineering areas, including: Materials, Structural, Mechanical, Architectural, Medical, Electrical, Data/Telecom, Spacesuits, Mars Geology & Topography, Systems Integration, and other relevant trades and skills. [medium/high traffic]

Communications Team
Team which coordinates all types of publicity for the project, including web design, 3-D/CAD renderings, and print publications. [medium/high traffic]

Mission Planning Task Force
This group is determining the optimal means for delivering the MHP settlement cargo and crew to the surface of Mars. [medium traffic]

If you would like to join one of these teams, please send us a message.

Online Meetings

We sometimes make use of our Mars Homestead Project Online Meeting Room (MOO) for our meetings.

Access the MarsHome MOO

Note: We will be adding additional groups as time goes on.