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Greenhouse on Mars – 2225 viewsLady in the GreenHouse. For the Hillside Settlement. Showing gravel beds for hydroponics, Canadian flag patch, showing various crops: grain, wheat, tomatoes, cabbage, (but would optimize conditions for each type of crop, and thus may not have this mix of crops in the same section of greenhouse)
Just Married on Mars – 2027 viewsA rover, with "Just Married" sign and decorations. The newly weds might move to an outlying scientific station, mine, or farm.
Living Room on Mars – 2448 views
Rover Pilot – 2118 views
Lunch on Mars – 2120 views
Recreation Area on Mars – 2756 viewsThis image, by Phil Smith, depicts the large, open, multi-story masonry structures which are located deep within the hillside. Natural sunlight is directed into this area from lightpipes above. A Mars settler leans on the bamboo rail and takes in the view, which includes some lush green spaces.
Turning on the Tap, Habs & Greenhouse – 2486 viewsdetails of two tuna-style habitats and a greenhouse, from the left side of "Turning on the Tap" painting, courtesy of Gary Fisher
Turning On The Tap – 2560 viewsEntire painting of "Turning on the Tap" by S. Murray, bringing new water well on line, 2 habs and greenhouse, ascent vehicle in background
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