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2691 viewsSecond level of the Mars settlement layout.
3100 viewsCommon areas of the Mars settlement concept.
3048 viewsGround-level view of the first permanent Mars settlement.
2516 viewsBuild phase 1 - for 12 people.
2565 viewsBuild Phase 1 & 2 - 24 people total.
3258 viewsStandardized modules.
2924 viewsCross sectional view of the first permanent Mars settlement - showing a rover garage and workrooms. Masonry structures are built into the hill and covered with regolith to provide radiation shielding and pressure counterbalance. Steerable mirrors send natural light down to the large interior spaces of this first Martian home.
2375 viewsMars settlement layout.
2558 viewsCross sectional view showing the tuna-can habs, greenhouses, and some common areas.
2933 viewsCross sectional view showing a greenhouse and some common areas.
2981 viewsCross sectional view of two greenhouse modules.
2984 viewsCross section of one greenhouse module.
2468 viewsSettlement construction - stages 1 through 4.
2432 viewsSettlement construction - stages 5 through 8.
2389 viewsSettlement construction - stages 9 through 10.
2457 viewsSettlement rendering - build phase 1 - for 12 people.
3040 viewsSettlement rendering - build phase 2 - for 24 people.
2707 viewsThe sun sets after another day at the Mars "Hillside Settlement 1", designed by the Mars Foundation 'programming team'.
3290 viewsInterior of common areas.
2735 viewsSide view of the Mars "Hillside Settlement 1", designed by the Mars Foundation 'programming team'.
2822 viewsPower generation, gas plant, refining and manufacturing spaces of the Mars Homestead Settlement. Nuclear reactors provide thermal and electrical energy for the settlement and various industrial processes. Focus is on producing useful products using Martian raw materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, and bricks.
3542 viewsRendering of the first permanent Mars Settlement. This concept provides a clear vision for early life on the Martian frontier. It is built primarily from local materials, providing early life support and industrial capabilities, and will begin full-scale settlement of the Red Planet.
2507 viewsArial view of the Mars Homestead Settlement. Paths are depicted heading to mining areas, spacecraft landing zones and areas of scientific interest.
2694 viewsSite plan of the first permanent settlement on Mars, built primarily from local Mars materials. The settlement is constructed into a hillside, with structures extending onto the plain. Tuna-can style habitats, similar to those in the NASA Design Reference Mission, provide temporary housing during manufacture and construction of the permanent structures.
2678 viewsFloor plan detail of the first permanent Mars settlement. Parallel greenhouse modules provide growing space for the settlers food supply. Interior public spaces include two story bamboo forest areas providing psychological benefit as well as building material. Private living spaces look out across the Martian plain.
2850 viewsCloser view of the settlement layout.
Side Lit GreenHouse – 3212 viewsA possible passively heated & cooled Greenhouse arrangement is shown. It is designed to use minimal electrical energy for heating and cooling.

Sunlight is concentrated by steerable mirrors at the left side, and focused through side windows. An overhead scaffold holds radiation shielding material (regolith, ice, or any other material). Air ducts and passageways allow warm air convection to other habitat modules to the right, such as workshops, a kitchen, etc. Not shown are curtains which can be closed at night to retain heat when needed, or opened to allow wind cooling, with chimneys for additional convective cooling if needed.

Design by Bruce Mackenzie.
Special thanks to Jan Olsen, a Mars Foundation intern from Norway. Let us know if you would like to help with similar designs.
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