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Greenhouse on MarsLady in the GreenHouse. For the Hillside Settlement. Showing gravel beds for hydroponics, Canadian flag patch, showing various crops: grain, wheat, tomatoes, cabbage, (but would optimize conditions for each type of crop, and thus may not have this mix of crops in the same section of greenhouse)
Recreation Area on MarsThis image, by Phil Smith, depicts the large, open, multi-story masonry structures which are located deep within the hillside. Natural sunlight is directed into this area from lightpipes above. A Mars settler leans on the bamboo rail and takes in the view, which includes some lush green spaces.
GreenHouse, interior, CylinderInterior of a greenhouse, within a 5 meter cylinder habitat, such as the Plains Settlement
Hillside Settlement from NorthHillside Settlement from North.
3D model, by Z-Corp – 33 views3D model of the Hillside Settlement 1, viewed from the norht;
produced by Z-Corp machine, using gypsum and cornstarch, with water drops via an ink-jet-like printer.
Hillside1 Settlement from west, croppedView of the Hillside Settlement1 from the west, looking east. In foreground: initial habs are in front left, greenhouses in middle, shielded private suites are in front right. In background: gas separation and storage tanks are in back left, manufacturing area in middle, and buried masonry living quarters and common space are in back right.
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