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UnderHill Masonry Vaults, w. CourtyardUnderHill Masonry Vaults, after Courtyard was dug out and domed over. Designed by Bruce Mackenzie, in Case for Mars III conference. Adapted by Stan Robinson in his 'Red Mars' book, adding courtyard and named "UnderHill".
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Abiquiu Vault FormReusable plywood form, for constructing mud-brick vaults.
Mosque and School in Abiquiu, New Mexico.
Abiquiu, Distant ViewMosque and School in Abiquiu, New Mexico.
Includes unfinished walls in the foreground.
brick press
Hillside1 Settlement from west, croppedView of the Hillside Settlement1 from the west, looking east. In foreground: initial habs are in front left, greenhouses in middle, shielded private suites are in front right. In background: gas separation and storage tanks are in back left, manufacturing area in middle, and buried masonry living quarters and common space are in back right.
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