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Fri Dec 31 07:09:26 EST 2004

Announcements from Mars Homestead project & Mars Foundation (tm):

  - Preview of Mars Base Design
  - General Discussion group open
  - Help design a Mars Base, engineers & writers especially needed
  - Donations Welcome

The Mars Homestead (tm) project is to design the first permanent settlement
on Mars for 12 people, and build it using primarily local materials.  That is
the area most in need of study before permanent settlement in space.

Preview of Mars Base Design

This fall, we worked in several specific areas of Mars Base design.  A visual
preview of the effort can be seen in a base  layout and perspective renderings at
numerous other pictures are at:  http://MarsHome.org/images/

General Discussion internet group:

Join our "brainstorming" Internet-based group to discuss key technologies
needed for building the first Mars base from local materials, and habitat layout,
furnishings, food preparation, clothing, and everything else that will be needed.
    send any message to:     General-Discuss-subscribe at MarsHome.org
    or  http://www.marshome.org/mailman/listinfo/general-discuss
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Help design a Mars Base -
     - engineers & writers especially needed

We are welcoming new volunteers for the next phase of design studies.
There are a number of areas to address, and good topics for student
research, thesis, etc.   (Several people asked to join in the middle of
our previous project, but we could only take new folks at the start of
a phase, which is now.)

The primary area of focus for the upcoming design effort will be investigating
technologies and processes useful for the mining, refining, and manufacture of
materials from local resources (dirt, rock, CO2 - atmosphere, subsurface
water, plant products, and reused spacecraft components, etc).
Such manufacturing reduces the mass of required materials brought from
Earth while simultaneously establishing infrastructure that can be used for
settlement expansion.

Most anyone can contribute in some way, but expertise is especially
needed in chemical engineering, material science, plastics engineering,
mechanical engineering, process engineering, industrial engineering,
metallurgy, geology & mineralogy.

The project can also use help for writing, editing, graphics, and web.
If you or someone you know would be interesting in opening a new world,
please reply to:    Info at MarsHome.org

Donations Appreciated:

Although we have kept expenses to a minimum so far, donations are
especially important, and most cash donations are matched by a donor.
In the new year, will be starting equipment prototyping projects which
require more resources, tools, and materials.  The projects need both cash
donations, and help identifying companies which might donate materials.
We expect that donations during 2004 or 2005 will be deductible for
US taxpayers, up to the limit allowed by law.
Go to:  http://www.MarsFoundation.org/about/donations.html
         or contact   Info at MarsHome.org   or    (781)944-7027

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    - have a safe, happy, and productive New Year, 2005;    Ad Astra

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